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We believe that every clients wish can be turned into a beautiful piece of glass, and that the end result will enhance the pleasure, privacy and productivity of the location it becomes a part of.

Every piece of our work is customized to ensure that your design complements not only the room in which it will live, but also the specific fixture into which it will be installed. This level of flexibility is a result of the wonderful spectrum of colours, finishes and products we make available.

We live and work in your community. Our understanding of local tastes and influences coupled with our access to incredible archives of work from all over the world gives you the choice to work from either a place of heritage or of new creation.

We can turn any idea into a beautiful design solution. Perhaps you have a favourite photograph or colour scheme as a point of inspiration or you may wish us to collaborate with you on a design to solve a specific challenge. We take into account your needs and wants and use colour, texture and pattern to design a custom glass solution.

Stained Glass Overlay (SGO) is our signature line and hand-crafted in our studio - we consider it art glass for the 21st century. SGO has the look and feel of traditional stained glass BUT with seamless, one piece construction that can be installed as part of an insulated glass unit or on top of existing glass and is airtight, watertight, UV reflective and guaranteed.
No wonder it has revolutionized the art glass market. There are installations in casinos in Las Vegas & Atlantic City, Disneyworld -- and SGO was even used in the Harry Potter movies.

We are pleased to be an authorized dealer for Ultraglas, the world renowned manufacturer of heat sculpted glass for windows, shower enclosures, room dividers, entryways or anywhere a distinctive effect is desired.

Specially designed formula bonds directly with the glass. Custom colour match to any colour you desire. Combine with float, tempered, pattern and even laminated glass to create one of a kind projects. Available in opaque, translucent, metallic and pearl finishes. Suitable for backsplashes, wall panels, tub and shower surrounds & tabletops to name just a few. It''s non-porous, hygenic & low maintenance.

Add beautiful decorative door glass to your EXISTING entryway. In about an hour a factory trained SGO installer can make a precision cut in your entry door and install decorative glass transforming your door from boring to beautiful. Bring in the light without sacrificing privacy!

You wouldn''t hang a picture without a frame, so why settle for a bare mirror? Transform that large, plain mirror into a beautiful framed focal point. Every frame is custom cut and will fit even if the mirror is touching a wall or backsplash and even covers those unattractive clips.
Please contact us for more information or to arrange a free in home consultation to see the beautiful selection of frame styles.

Think it''s iron? Think again! SGO Iron Art is lightweight, affordable and custom crafted to your vision. Many colours, finishes and styles available.

SGO LifeFilm utilizes a unique and incredibly durable digital ink jet process to permanently bond any high quality digital image onto polyester film. The image is then permanently bonded onto acrylic or glass to create a solid piece of decorative art glass. The finished product can achieve any look or feel but with the strength and integrity of a solid piece of safety glass.

Etched glass is a process in which artwork is sandblasted on the surface of the glass resulting in one or many shades of white. Carved glass is when the artwork is deeply carved into the glass creating a 3D surface which can then be painted using glass paints and airbrushing techniques.
It''s a high end look suitable to many applications, especially shower enclosures.

SGO Designer Glass provides custom traditional cut glass for residential, religious and commercial applications. As with all our products we see the project through from start to finish...

SGO Designer Glass provides a wide range of textured pattern glass for applications including cabinet doors, shower enclosures and many more.

Premier decorative laminate glass is a favourite of the architectural and design community. It''s manufacured by encapsulating a decorative interlayer between 2 or more layers of adhesive and two or more panes of glass. Proprietary technology and dedicated equipment ensures a permanent bond.


Browse our website for inspiration then call us to arrange a no obligation consultation for your project. We look forward to meeting you!

INTERIOR DESIGNERS: We have an extensive library of up to date designs and designer glass products for every room in the home or office. Whether you consult with one of our glass designers or refer your client to meet with us directly, our priority is to develop exactly the right glass design for your next project.

BUILDERS/CONTACTORS/RENOVATORS: Include custom designer glass in the entryway, kitchen, bath or any area where you need to meet a specific need such as privacy, sound abatement or simply want something unique to complement your design. To plan and design the project we can work with you, or directly with your client.

CABINET MAKERS: Designer glass is the perfect complement to beautifully crafted kitchen, bar or bath cabinetry. It''s the finishing touch! Let us work with you, or your client to select exactly the right design.

ARCHITECTS: Access to our extensive design library and custom CAD capabilities ensure that we will be able to collaborate in designing just the right designer glass feature for your next project.

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